Due to the big increase in the number of visitors to Japan in the last several years, there has been a shortage of hotel rooms all over Japan, especially in Osaka area. For this reason, it was very difficult for us to prepare enough hotel rooms for the APDXC guests in 2016.
We're happy to announce that we could reserve a good number of rooms at Hotel I-House Osaka, which is located in the venue for APDXC 2018. The rates are very reasonable compare to other hotels in the area.
If you are interested in taking a room at Hotel I-House Osaka, please make a booking from the registration page of this web site at your earliest convenience. For any questions, please send an email to mail@apdxc.org.

Hotels we could offer with discounted rates for the APDXC 2018
Discounted rates
Hotel International House Osaka
NOV15 or 16: 8,500JPY

NOV 17: 10,000JPY

NOV 18: 7,800JPY

* Located in the same building as the venue for APDXC.

* For details, please see their web site.

* Service charge, tax and breakfast are included.

* No tipping required.

NOV15 or 16: 17,000JPY

NOV 17: 20,000JPY

NOV 18: 15,600JPY
Asia Pacific DX Convention committee
email: mail@apdxc.org