Amateur radio equipment designed and built with the most advanced technology of the day comes from Icom's Wakayama factory.

Icom, an Osaka-based company, invites you on a tour to visit their Wakayama factory and head office. This is a great opportunity to see how their radios are actually assembled and tested. Factory tours are not normally allowed, so this is a truly rare opportunity.
On the return trip, the tour will visit Icom's head office to meet Mr. T. Inoue, JA3FA, the founder and Chairman of Icom. At a Q&A session you can talk with the engineers who developed the most sophisticated radios for amateurs today. IC-7100 was introduced in 2012 and IC-7850 was shown in 2014 at the Q&A sessions before they were released in the market. What will shown this year? Don't miss this great chance!

(photos from APDXC 2014)

Asia Pacific DX Convention committee