There are two airports in Osaka. Kansai airport is for both international and domestic flights and Itami airport is only for domestic flights. From both of these airports, non-stop bus services are available to Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka. Taking one of these bus services will be the easiest and most efficient way to get to the hotel.

Kansai / Osaka airport (KIX)
Bus stops are located outside the International Arrivals floor (Ground floor). There are bus stops numbered from #1 to #12. #7 bus stop is for your bus to KINTETSU UEHONMACHI (Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka). A ticket is sold for 1,550 yen by a ticket vending machine located near all the bus stops outside the Passenger Terminal Building on the ground level floor. The name of the bus stop in front of the hotel is UEHONMACHI. It will take 50 to 80 minutes to Uehonmachi. For more information of Kansai airport, take a look at their web site.
* The red block in the above map shows North exit from the customs area and the blue shows South exit.

Osaka / Itami airport (ITM)
If you take a domestic flight from Tokyo or another city to Osaka, you may arrive at this airport. JAL flights arrive at the North terminal and ANA flights arrive at the South terminal. Taking one of the airport bus services to Uehonmachi will be the most convenient and fastest way to get to Sheraton Miyako Hotel. Please make a note that you should take a bus to Uehonmachi, which leaves at #0 bus stop at the North terminal (JAL) or #10 at the South terminal (ANA). A non-stop bus will take you to Uehonmachi in about 35 minutes. The bus stop at Uehonmachi is on the 2nd floor of Uehonmachi bus terminal which is only a one minute walk to the hotel. A ticket is sold by a vending machine for 640yen. For more information of Osaka Itami airport, take a look at their web site.
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