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We are pleased to announce that the 5th Asia Pacific DX Convention will be held at Osaka International House in Osaka, Japan on November 14 through 16, 2014. The program details will be announced on this website as they become available. Please check back often for updates on APDXC 2012. Photos and presentation videos from the 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012 APDXCs are also on the website. Take a look and see how a great time was had by all at the previous conventions. We are looking forward to welcoming you at APDXC 2014.





Glenn W0GJ and Vivien KL7YL at the APDXC 2010

I have been to each and every APDXC since 2005. My XYL Vivien (KL7YL) has been to most of the meetings, too. We are both looking forward to joining everyone again this year! We enjoy the Japanese hospitality and meeting so many of our friends. Of course, we always look forward to making new friends, too! The ICOM factory tours are worth the trip itself! The cultural events have always been a lot of fun. See you in November!!!

Glenn Johnson, W0GJ

Lee HL1IWD (right) with JA3FA (Icom CEO) at the APDXC 2012

Hello my fellow DXers from all around world!
I am Lee HL1IWD and had wonderful time in Osaka APDXC 2012.
For several times, my long time good DX friend Mac JA3USA has invited me to join APDXC but I could not do. In last APDXC, I was joining as 1st HL DXer namely all time new one in APDXC DXCC hi.
It's wonderful moment and I never forget happy time with many DXers especially Hugo from XT2 and suffered great hospitality from many nice JA Dxers especially Mac JA3USA and Tac JA1BRK. In 2014 APDXC, I hope many DXers from all around world again get together and can say hello to each other. As you know DXers are special man kind and I am sure this time APDXC will give a happy moment for these special blessed people who called DXer!

Sungki Lee, M.D., HL1IWD

XT2HB Hugo at the Presentation of the APDXC 2012

When I met Mac for the first time our contact was very cordial and friendly.
I was pleasantly surprised when I received from my dear Mac a 2012 ADPXC conference invitation as lecturer and participant. It was a real challenge but at the same time a little too much honor. I really liked the meeting I have had during this conference and especially with JA3FA to which I'm testifying here all my deep appreciation and willingness to open the doors of his prestigious factories that producing the Icom radio referenced in world. In any case, I urge all amateurs radio whom are able get to the next conference because it is really a time to meet and share experiences without equal.
Long live APDXC.

Hugolin Pooda, XT2HB

Laurence and Marlene Mathews at the Welcome party of the APDXC 2012

Marlene and I have attended the last 2 APDXC Conferences, We have enjoyed them so much that we are always looking forward to the next one.Mac and his team do a wonderful job of organising this event. We have enjoyed the hospitality and meeting old and new friends and contacts. Learning from the experiences and lectures from other attendees, and taking in Japanese food and culture. Always being made welcome by the people of Osaka.
Long live APDXC.

Laurence and Marlene Mathews, ZL1ICU & ZL1MYL
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